We hope our chai can create simple pleasures that help everyday people recognize and find joy throughout their day.
— Darcy Miller, founder

Our beginnings

Founded as a fun, home project, we have grown to become a business that now joyfully shares our products with customers through our online store, local retailers & eatery proprietors.

Our name describes our vision to create a drink that brings joy to our customer’s day.  But Joy is also the middle name of the founder’s daughter.  It was early on in this girl’s infancy that our founder first imagined making her own tasty Chai Latte mix to help her get through those sleep-deprived days.  Thus, our name is both reminiscent of our beginnings and reflective of our mission.

Our dream

We don't believe true life is found in opulence and frivolous living.  In fact, we believe that we are called to live purposeful lives that are intentional and sacrificial.  That doesn't mean we believe that we should give up everything, forsaking all enjoyment.  Rather, we hope to find joy in the little things--simple pleasures--that bless our daily lives.  We dream that others might agree and that this shared attitude of appreciation and selflessness might lead to a more full and meaningful life.

Our hope

Joy is found in all of life’s circumstances.  Our hope is to provide others with a simple pleasure that can help them enjoy the present moment, during the best and worst times.  Whether it’s a reunion with friends or a moment of escape in the chaos of your day, our chai is made to help create margins in our lives when we can pause and remember all the reasons we should be joyful.